Rank, certification cause diverse views on who’s in charge of HR (Analysis)

HR professionals with CHRP more likely to balk at having non-HR professional running department
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/04/2009

Clearly, non-HR people running HR is a topic on which many HR professionals have strong opinions, judging by the results of the latest Pulse Survey. Interestingly, there is agreement it is generally not a good thing when someone with no specific background is put in charge of the HR function — only four per cent of respondents say that is probably or definitely a good thing. There is, roughly speaking, a 60/40 split between those who say this is a bad thing and those who say it depends.

Notably, opinions on having non-HR professionals in charge of the HR function don’t vary significantly across tenure in HR. Tenure in HR is usually a variable for which there are meaningful differences in opinion.

On the other hand, designation status is an important factor when it comes to opinions about non-HR professionals being in charge of the HR function. Clearly, respondents who have invested the most in obtaining credentials in HR have the most negative opinion, whereas those with backgrounds other than HR have the least negative opinion (indeed, a relatively positive opinion) about non-HR professionals being in charge of the HR function.