CLV Reports surveys 2008 fourth-quarter settlements

Public sector wages remain strong, Western Canada's show moderation
By Gordon Sova
||Last Updated: 05/01/2009

CLV Reports has analyzed 79 wage settlements that occurred in Canada in October, November and December of 2008. Sixty-three are in the private sector; 16 are in the public. In all the settlements, the employees were represented by a union. Eleven of the agreements are from British Columbia; seven from Quebec; five from each of Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; three from Manitoba; one from Nunavut; and two cover more than one province. Thirty-five are from Ontario. In all, they cover 93,125 employees.

The average term of the agreements is 3.27 years. This average comprises two one-year agreements, two 18-month, five two-year, one 28-month, 43 three-year, three between three- and four-year, 13 four-year, one 57-month, and two five-year. This average is a bit longer than last quarter’s.