Are you a Bush or an Obama? (Guest commentary)

8 HR lessons from U.S. presidents
By Sharon Bar-David
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/04/2009

Only history can judge Barack Obama’s presidency. But, in his election campaign and first days in office, Obama successfully nailed important leadership elements where other leaders, especially his predecessor George W. Bush, often screw up. Here are eight dos and don’ts HR and business leaders can take from the early days of Obama’s reign.

Do: Define joint aspirations. When was the last time you experienced goosebumps when thinking about your organization’s mission or leaders? Obama has created goosebump experiences worldwide, mobilizing millions to want to work jointly and passionately toward higher aspirations — hard work and sacrifices notwithstanding.

Don’t: Create a mission statement that no one can relate to or use fancy strategy words that no one except your hired consultants can understand.