Finding the best temp worker for the job

Employer and agency need to provide whole picture to ensure right fit
By Greg White
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/04/2009

Finding temporary workers through a staffing agency is often a quick and financially viable solution to an employer’s staffing needs. But how can an employer ensure it is getting the best employee for the job? By asking the right questions and providing as much information as possible about the specific job requirements. 

When requesting temporary workers from a staffing agency, an employer should provide all relevant details about the nature of the position, including a description of the tasks, the number of workers required, hours of operation, location of the job site and duration of the work.

The employer will also need to provide the relevant health and safety information related to the job. It must fully disclose any potential safety risks associated with the tasks and work site and indicate any safety training, information, instruction and supervision provided to workers to address safety risks. If a task requires any form of personal protective equipment, such as steel-toed boots, the employer will need to indicate which items are needed and if they will be provided at the job site.