Trends and predictions: The values of teamwork will rule in workplaces of the not-too-distant future

By Robert Switzer
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/09/2001

We are all part of a great transition that is being defined by the convergence of technology and social values. As part of this transition, we are also stepping up to a higher set of values and these values are integral to our personal success and the success of our corporations.

The new values that are essential to success are really universal spiritual values that organizations are looking to foster and adopt in order to achieve the new levels of competitiveness. These values include trust, harmony, respect, humour, listening and creativity. These values are defining the culture of successful organizations, and are what spirituality in the workplace is all about.

The new willingness of corporations to collaborate and form alliances is actually fueling today’s technological convergence and this in turn is causing the pace of change to accelerate.