What’s your best bet in challenging times? (Guest commentary)

Acting strategically, creatively and decisively leads to survival, growth
By Lorraine Weygman
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/19/2009

Now that global economies are going through tough times that may get even tougher before the pain stops, fear and its resulting knee-jerk reactions are counterproductive.

The time-honoured wisdom is to cut expenses and reduce staff by laying off, downsizing and closing offices and plants. For those still employed, morale can be lower than the belly of a worm. What’s needed is the alchemy of an engaged workforce, who rise to exceptional performance.

A meltdown doesn’t have to happen to everyone. Combining hope with decisive action, communication, collaboration and innovation are more likely to deter such a result. The value of acting strategically, creatively and decisively for the long term — while making specific plans for the short term — results in survival, growth and an edge on the competition.