Enticing employees to go on relocation

Career prospects and family-support services can help convince reluctant workers to tackle foreign assignments
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/19/2009

As alluring and exciting as relocations might sound, they can also add up to a major upheaval for an employee. There are plenty of doubts and unknowns and HR may find a top performer targeted for a major assignment is not willing to take the leap.

Today the reluctance is even stronger because of the level of uncertainty that exists in the economy, says Stephen Cryne, president and CEO of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council. Add on the complications of housing issues and dual-career families and, all of a sudden, this becomes a much more complex decision to make, he says.

So how can an employer motivate a hesitant employee? Priority one is letting the employee know how the relocation fits into her career planning.