Saskatchewan workplaces go smoke-free

Ban affects private offices, warehouses and work vehicles
||Last Updated: 06/09/2009

Employees in private workplaces in Saskatchewan can no longer light up on the job, thanks to a smoking ban that came into force on May 31.

Amendments to the province's workplace safety rules expand on the 2005 tobacco ban that made it illegal to smoke in bars, restaurants, curling rinks and other indoor public places.

Now employees won't be able to light up in private offices, warehouses and other workplaces such as vehicles.

Some exemptions include outdoor workplaces, self-employed businesses, underground mine job sites that are more than 10 metres away from other workers, casinos and buildings on First Nations reserve lands.

Workers who violate the ban will have the case raised with their boss or an occupational health and safety committee.

Under certain circumstances, "repeated, flagrant disregard of the ban" may result in a fine, the government said in a release.

Smoking has long been banned in government-owned facilities.

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