Ready for payroll system upgrade?

Start by identifying objectives and then move on to features and functions
By John Cummings
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/02/2009

Asking what’s important when upgrading a payroll system is like asking, “What car should I buy?” What’s important to one company could be very different from what’s important to another. So instead of deciding which features and functions are best when it comes to picking a system and a provider, a better strategy is to first identify and measure payroll objectives.

Identify business objectives: Ask why it is important for the organization to make such a move. Don’t worry about features and functions. Focus, instead, on the business benefits. Measure a provider against its ability to deliver current and anticipated needs.

Identify pain points: These include things that are not getting done, tasks that are taking too long to complete or poor-quality tasks. Pain points can have an impact on a department’s reputation so make sure the payroll solution will resolve most of them.