No easy way to say ‘You’re fired’

But there are steps managers, HR can take to ease the pain for everyone involved
By David Bell
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/15/2009

Terminating an employee is probably the most dreaded aspect of managing people. Managers often approach the task with a mixture of guilt, defensiveness and fear of unforeseen consequences.

Yet, the ability to conduct a termination properly is a fundamental skill for an effective manager. And the ability to support managers in the conduct of terminations is a requisite skill for effective HR professionals.

As shown by the case of a Halifax bus driver who committed suicide after being fired, some employees can have extreme reactions to the news of a termination. Halifax Metro Transit fired Dann Little on Friday, April 17, after he was suspended for clubbing a fake seal at an anti-sealing protest while he was working. He committed suicide that weekend.