Code of conduct elevates HR profession (Guest commentary)

HRPA’s new code ‘significant step forward’ in professionalization of human resources
By Angus Duff
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2009

I was speaking with someone the other day about the human resources manager at her workplace and was surprised by her description. The employee raised concerns about the HR manager’s choice of dress, with low-cut, revealing tops, too-short miniskirts and high heels.

She went on to say the HR manager was known to be the “life of the party” at Christmas events and the like, apparently over-indulging in the festivities. Most concerning, the HR manager has been known to make insensitive and inappropriate remarks in the workplace, said the employee.

While I suspect this situation is rare, it leads me to ask the question: “Is HR living the values the human resources function represents?” Or, in the name of “partnership with the business,” have some HR professionals embraced their corporate culture, even if it flies in the face of creating an equitable and inclusive workplace?