Haste makes waste – and bad hires

Due diligence critical when conducting background checks
By Cindy Cathcart
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2009

Everyone has heard the same horror story: A company hiring a candidate who seems to be the perfect fit rushes a basic background check — confirming education and references — and since everything seems fine, goes ahead with the hire.

But it quickly becomes evident the new employee does not have the skills claimed on the resumé. Suspicions arise around the hire’s behaviours and skills and other employees express concerns about breaches of client-sensitive information. Eventually, the employer discovers he embellished his job title and responsibilities from a previous job and he did not graduate from a reputable university — but produced a fake degree bought off the Internet for $500. The new employee was also convicted of fraud for involvement in an identity theft ring three years ago.

Scenarios like this happen everyday in organizations of all sizes. So how can a company protect itself? At the heart of every good human resources or risk-management hiring strategy should be a comprehensive employment background screening program.