Clear link between work hours, work-life balance (Analysis)

Seniority and CHRP status linked to longer workweeks
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2009

As one respondent to the latest Pulse Survey put it: “HR as a group are big proponents of work-life balance but seldom practise it.”

Before jumping into the data here, let me explain how some of the analysis of the results was done. To simplify the survey, the number of hours worked was collapsed into ranges (fewer than 35 hours, between 35 and 40, more than 40 but fewer than 44, more than 44 but fewer than 50, more than 50 but fewer than 60, and more than 60).

This is convenient, but there is a loss of information. To work around this, we used the midpoint of the range as the value for all respondents in the range (for example, all respondents indicating they worked between 44 and 50 hours a week were assigned a value of 47). This works quite well in aggregate.