Negativity behind pride in HR profession (Analysis)

Many feel the profession is misunderstood, not well-respected
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/10/2009

Not infrequently, HR professionals express disparaging comments about the profession. The idea for the latest Pulse Survey was to see how widespread such opinions really are. With 91.3 per cent of respondents stating they are proud to be in HR, the answer seemed clear. But is it that simple?

It’s interesting to note how many of the comments still had a negative tone. Indeed, going by the comments alone, you would not think the pride ratings would have been so high (more on this disconnect below).

Some commented that new entrants to the profession seemed prouder to be in HR than the battle-weary veterans. Interestingly enough, the data did not show any statistically significant difference in the degree of pride across tenure in HR. The per cent positive for this question ranged from 85.7 per cent for those respondents who have not yet joined the profession to 94.3 per cent for those who have more than 25 years in HR. It would appear the veterans are just as proud, if not more so, to be in HR as those entering the profession.