Are we asking too much of HR? (Editor’s notes)

HR professionals must wear many hats, have many skills
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/01/2009

Want to be a CFO? You’d better be good at math. Want to be an engineer? You’d better be good at troubleshooting and problem solving. Want to be the next Sidney Crosby? Let’s hope you can handle a stick and puck like nobody’s business.

Want to go into HR? No problem. You’d better be good at training. And employment law. Add in some conflict resolution, communication and, yes, even math. Oh, and don’t forget to be compassionate while, at the same time, firmly sticking to the cold reality of inflexible corporate principles and policies. Heck, about the only thing you don’t need to do is be good with a stick and puck.

Any way you slice it, employers are asking a lot from HR practitioners. What other department in the company has to wear as many hats? And the tasks that fall to HR aren’t exactly Mickey Mouse — they’re complicated and some of them can be emotionally taxing.