Safety association’s CEO retires after 14 years

Shaw took IAPA from basic safety and training to broadened, holistic approach
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/01/2009

Maureen Shaw grew up in a small town in British Columbia where a siren would sound every time someone was injured or killed at the mill. For Shaw, whose father, a union steward, often took on the riskier jobs at the mill in return for “danger pay,” the siren was terrifying because there was no way to know who was hurt or how bad. The workers often went on strike to protest the poor safety conditions.

“I only remember thinking, so many times, there had to be a better way, a better life,” said Shaw.

Workplace health and safety has evolved since then and Shaw, who retires from her position as president and CEO of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) this month, has been a significant contributor to that change.