Understanding the metrics of recognition

5 steps to help build the business case for recognition
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/05/2009

Strategic recognition is critical to boosting employee morale and performance. Unfortunately, 38 per cent of 150 organizations surveyed in 2008 did not measure the results of recognition programs, leaving CEOs in the dark on program effectiveness, according to a survey by global recognition company Globoforce.

If organizations measure the results of these programs, the findings can help build a business case to support strategic recognition. For example, an internal survey in 2008 revealed Intel’s strategic recognition program contributed to a 26-per-cent increase in employee commitment, while a 2008 case study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business found a recognition program at Intuit motivated 93 per cent of workers to sustain high performance.

To build a business case for strategic recognition, HR departments need to demonstrate how the program will be measured against established corporate goals while illustrating the bottom-line value and long-term measurable outcomes of the program.