Should we get tougher on discipline? (Analysis)

HR professionals vulnerable to retaliatory complaints
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/05/2009

Perhaps more than any other Pulse Survey to date, this one has surfaced differing perspectives on the HR profession. A good number of respondents were unclear about the discipline process and the role of a provincial association in the professional discipline process.

Some did not see any role for provincial associations in the discipline of members and felt this should be left up to employers. Others saw effective discipline as the hallmark of a true profession and something we should set out to do well.

But the situation is different from one provincial jurisdiction to the next. In some jurisdictions, the authority and obligation of an association to discipline members have already been enshrined in legislation for some time, whereas in other provincial jurisdictions, they are not. The question is not whether associations should get involved in disciplining members but how can they best live up to the obligation of disciplining members.