Social media can be used for recruitment (Guest commentary)

But employers have to do legwork, put resources into it and add value
By Harpaul Sambhi
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/01/2009

The social networking revolution has taken over the world — well, the e-world at least. Social media and blogs are now the fourth most popular online activity, according to Neilsen — ranking ahead of email but trailing search, portals and PC software. And the growth is expected to continue at a rapid pace.

Don’t believe the hype? Try this statistic on for size: More than one-half of the top 25 websites visited in Canada are social media-related, according to data from web research firm Alexa.

Chat rooms such as MSN or Yahoo, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and media tools such as YouTube and Blogger are building an increasingly strong presence in the e-world. It’s even difficult to think back to the time when experts predicted Facebook would be a fad, social networks such as Bing and LinkedIn had yet to catch on and Twitter — and the verb “tweet” — had no relevance.