HR thinks it’s a profession, but not sure others do (Analysis)

Unfair to compare HR to law or medicine, say survey respondents
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/02/2009

Although the question of whether HR is a true profession is not new, it seemed worth revisiting. And based on the fact there were 2,235 respondents to the latest Pulse Survey, it would appear the question is still relevant.

At first blush, the answer to the core question is overwhelmingly “yes” — 85 per cent said HR is indeed a true profession — but the comments present a more shaded picture. Many respondents seem to want to qualify their endorsement of this statement. Some said it is preposterous to even question HR’s status as a true profession.

A relatively small minority — 7.8 per cent — said HR is not a true profession. Most often, these respondents felt HR was simply another business function, such as sales or marketing, but not a true profession.