Like it or not, employers need gen-Y (Guest commentary)

Old recruitment methods won’t cut it for younger workers who grew up connected
By Lauren Friese
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/13/2009

The oldest members of generation Y have already made their dramatic entrance into the workforce but the bulk of that generation is still on its way. As a member of gen-Y myself, I’ve noticed there is no shortage of information out there — both positive and negative — about gen-Y and, in particular, its impact on the working world.

Regardless of this, and whatever your personal opinions of gen-Y, two things are irrefutable: You have to hire us and the methods you used to hire previous generations won’t be effective.

You have to hire us — and hire us in large numbers — in the coming years because of the exodus of the baby boomers, which will leave major personnel gaps at many organizations and potentially cause a countrywide labour shortage.