Moving to cover all the basics of relocation

Asking right questions of movers ensures smoother process for employers, employees
By Carol Davis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/30/2009

Regardless of whether a company moves two or three people per year or has a large number of relocations, having a proper relocation process and a well-defined policy in place increase employee productivity, morale and loyalty to a corporation. If employees feel they are being treated fairly and are happy with the move, they are more likely to view their employer in a positive light.

Relocating an employee is a major investment for an employer, with average costs (for homeowners) ranging from $50,000 for moves within Canada to about $65,000 for cross-border relocations. These figures cover a wide range of expenses, including real estate commissions, home-finding trips, temporary accommodations and family possessions. Generally the physical move represents one-fifth to one-quarter of the overall relocation expense for a family of four, so choosing the right carrier and having a defined policy can be very beneficial to a corporation.

Choosing a carrier or mover