Certified health and well-being at Pfizer

Pharmaceutical giant’s VIVA program leads to elite recognition in Quebec
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/08/2009

If you work at Pfizer Canada’s headquarters in Kirkland, Que., you’ll pay more for a hamburger than a tomato sandwich at the cafeteria. But you’ll also be able to play basketball in the parking lot, ball hockey in the warehouse or borrow a bike during lunch hour. Leaving early on Friday is always an option, as is a spinning class at lunch or access to an ergonomics specialist.

All these initiatives and activities are part of the pharmaceutical giant’s VIVA program, which launched in 2007 to promote good life habits and prevention, support of employees and information-sharing, with a focus on exercise, nutrition, stress management and work-life balance, says Luc St-Pierre, vice-president of HR at Pfizer.

“Pfizer is an important stakeholder in the health-care business. In that context, we feel it is important for our employees to be part of some of the things we offer the general public. So we basically decided to bundle together a series of activities focusing on health care, focusing on activities that promote achieving a healthy mind and healthy living.”