Are HR professionals doing enough to help each other succeed? (Analysis)

Structured programs not always needed for good mentoring relationships
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/06/2010

In a way, this latest Pulse Survey follows in the footsteps of the one we did on mandatory supervision requirements (Canadian HR Reporter, Nov. 30, 2009) for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

A significant aspect of professional life is the network of contacts professionals develop with each other. Some mentoring relationships occur spontaneously but, increasingly, professional associations or chapters within these associations have implemented structured mentoring programs. This survey also considered broader mentoring relationships that are not necessarily part of any systematic program.

About 10.5 per cent of respondents think HR professionals are doing enough to help other HR professionals succeed but 50.6 per cent said this is not really the case.