Strong appetite for legal knowledge in CHRP (Analysis)

Requirement raises issues around labour mobility
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/03/2010

In 2001, the provincial HR associations agreed on a basic blueprint for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation known as the Montreal Framework. This allowed for individual provincial associations to include a provincial legislation knowledge test as Part 2 of the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). However, none of the provincial associations ever acted on this possibility.

So this issue was put to the readers of Canadian HR Reporter in the latest Pulse Survey. This is an important question to consider — designations, as “warrants of competence,” should address in one way or another all important areas of professional competence.

Overall, 62.5 per cent of respondents indicated a legislation knowledge requirement should be added to the CHRP certification process, 26.8 per cent indicated such a requirement should not be added and 10.5 per cent were not sure. Virtually all respondents agreed a basic understanding of workplace legislation is important to performing one’s duties as an HR professional — 92.9 per cent said such basic understanding of workplace legislation is at least “quite important” and 50.1 per cent said it is “absolutely essential.”