Workplace bullies need their power fix (Guest commentary)

Clear, solid policies prevent bullies from picking on easy prey
By Alyson Nyiri
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/22/2010

While working as a career consultant prior to moving into human resources, I met numerous individuals who were targets of workplace bullying. These targets suffered intense shame and humiliation, not to mention anger at their company for not dealing with the situation.

It wasn’t until I was a target of workplace bullying that I fully understood both the emotional devastation of workplace bullying and the difficulties companies have in dealing with the situation. My experience took place while working as a solo HR practitioner and, like most targets, I felt I should have done something to stop it. As an HR professional, I certainly should have known what to do.

Understanding the psychology of workplace bullying can help offer solutions. Valerie Cade, a speaker and author of Bully Free at Work, provides insights into the mind of the bully and offers concrete strategies for targets in her book.