Employers slow to embrace Web 2.0’s potential at work

Social media tools engage people and improve collaboration
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/16/2010

In June 2008, Canam Group decided to start a Facebook page in anticipation of its tri-annual managers’ conference. About 200 employees at the Quebec construction company created profiles and were presented with different activities before the three-day event.

The first was a quiz assessing personality colours, which Canam used to sort people into “parties” for the opening night, as with an election (those who didn’t respond to the survey were labeled “independent”). The managers were also encouraged to post pictures as part of a contest.

“Our goal was to present social media to this top management and, after that, develop our intranet the (Web) 2.0 way, using Facebook… to show them how easy it is to use, to publish pictures, publish videos, use a forum,” said Nathalie Pilon, Canam’s electronic communications manager. “We showed them what social media is and it was a real success.”