Facebook and LinkedIn and MySpace? Oh my (Analysis)

Large firms more cautious with social media
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/09/2010

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003, MySpace in August 2003 and Facebook in February 2004. Ever since, employers haven’t known exactly what to make of social networking. A big concern was employees would simply waste time cruising various social networking sites. Although there are many ways of spending work time on non-work activities (such as online shopping), social networking seemed to be of most concern.

Early on, there was widespread discussion of organizations blocking access to various websites, such as various levels of government. But that was a few years ago and we’ve had time to get used to the technology. So where do we stand in regards to social media?

The topic has garnered at least some attention in most organizations (66.3 per cent of respondents to the recent Pulse Survey). The time spent by employees on social media sites during work hours is of at least some concern in 63.9 per cent of organizations. Overall, 55.5 per cent of organizations monitor web usage by employees during work hours; 63.5 per cent have developed a policy or position on the use of social media by employees during work time or on company equipment; and 62.8 per cent have made some move to block access to specific websites.