Mississauga hazing ‘unacceptable’: HR director

Incidents became public shortly before Ontario’s new workplace violence bill took effect
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/09/2010

A media frenzy erupted when a cellphone video of City of Mississauga employees duct-taped together on a table while other employees threw water balloons at them was leaked to the CBC — about two weeks before Ontario’s new workplace violence and harassment legislation came into effect on June 15.

But Mississauga, Ont. — a city with a population of almost 700,000 located just west of Toronto — had already quietly dealt with the incident. In November 2009, it ordered an independent investigation into a string of hazing incidents that had reportedly been going on for years in the city’s transportation and works department.

Employees reported being tied up with duct tape and spanked until they were bruised. One employee was bound with duct tape, and put on the back of a truck as it went through a car wash. All the incidents occurred under the encouragement of department supervisor Domenic Galamini.