Human lessons from G20 protests (Guest commentary)

HR principles sometimes counter-intuitive
By Dave Crisp
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/05/2010

HR deals with human relations in general. What works best can often be counter-intuitive, which is a key reason many line managers struggle with HR approaches. The demonstrations in June at Toronto’s G20 venue provided interesting examples.

Legitimate protesters are stuck in a puzzling situation. They can continue to hold marches during G20 meetings, thus providing mass cover in which a handful of criminal agitators can hide and do maximum damage — and guaranteeing no one hears their messages.

Or, a better solution might be to hold as big a rally as possible one week or so prior to a G20 or G8 in a safe location, where organizers could videotape sensible statements of protest and logical arguments and alternatives to give to leaders ahead of the meetings. Vandals rarely show up where there’s nothing to vandalize.