On-site health care brings healthy bottom-line

Companies that are willing to commit resources to developing a healthy workforce will realize a tidy return on investment.
By Francis Puchalski
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/30/2001

It is a simple rule: What is good for the employee is good for the employer.

At the same time businesses in several sectors have been suffering from escalating costs for health care, on-site injury and illness prevention, once thought to be impossible to achieve or at least too expensive to attempt, is starting to be confirmed as the most cost-effective route to a healthier, more productive and efficient workforce.

Yes it will cost the company money to get the ball rolling — anywhere from $10,000 a year to $35,000 a year for part-time service, equipment and so on — but the payback begins immediately and research reveals potential returns of three to 10 dollars for every dollar invested.