Staying in touch with alumni networks

Groups at Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Xerox help with recruiting, branding
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/20/2010

Deloitte has had an alumni network for several years, giving former employees an opportunity to connect with each other and catch up.

“It’s really about continuing the Deloitte experience, even when people have left Deloitte,” says Richard Lee, a partner in the human capital consulting practice at Deloitte. “Our catchphrase is ‘Once Deloitte, always Deloitte’… When you join Deloitte, you are going to be part of a community and that connection will continue even if you leave us, even if you go to a competitor.”

But there are several benefits for the audit, tax and consulting firm itself, such as referrals, recruiting, business development and branding.