Workers feeling more stressed: Survey

Most workers love their jobs but say more recognition would help them manage stress
||Last Updated: 10/06/2010

Nearly one-third of workers are more stressed than they were one year ago, according to a new survey.

For the most part, Canadians are feeling healthy and financially fit, according to the Desjardins Financial Security National Health Survey, but close to 30 per cent feel more stress now than last year.

Top stressors include insufficient salary (30 per cent), work overload (27 per cent), a lack of recognition (22 per cent) and a negative work environment (22 per cent). Only 14 per cent of the 1,769 respondents named work-life imbalance as a source of stress.

However, respondents are taking steps to manage their work-related stress, including relaxing their personal need for excellence or perfection at work, adopting new working styles and being more realistic about urgent deadlines. Others have also made personal lifestyle changes, which include effectively managing personal priorities, adopting healthier eating habits and getting more rest.

"The good news from the survey is that employees are taking steps to improve their stress levels," said Michele Nowski, director of disability income claims and disability management with Desjardins Financial Security. "It's important to be good to yourself, which is the secret to managing your stress."

Three-quarters of respondents said they were passionate about their work, loved their co-workers and were generally satisfied with their jobs, but only 32 per cent said their employer helped them better manage their stress at work.

They suggested employers provide better recognition (36 per cent), provide employees with better work tools (19 per cent), improve the work environment (31 per cent) and working conditions overall (26 per cent).

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