Branding and hiring in a ‘social’ world

Social networks change how people spread the word about potential employers
By David Litherland
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/04/2010

Although human resources, sales and marketing departments may occupy different corners in an office, it’s widely accepted they share a common and critical role as brand ambassadors. What is not often considered, however, is the impact the hiring and interview process can have on corporate reputation and perception.

Job postings and interviews are often the first opportunities for potential employees to get a sense of a company’s overall culture, brand identity and messaging. As such, the hiring and interviewing process should be regarded as an extension of marketing and time should be dedicated to ensure it is being managed and executed with corporate goals and brand standards in mind.

In an age of social media, brand identity is more vulnerable than ever. Candidates leaving an interview with a sour taste can and will log onto to their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts or personal blogs to vent negative experiences. Taking into account the tech-savvy population today, damage to a company’s brand is merely a 140-character Tweet, status update or blog post away.