Stress levels high as recession recedes: Surveys

Employees unhappy with salaries, workloads
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/01/2010

The recent recession was grueling, no doubt, and it’s not over yet. So it’s no surprise employees are complaining of higher stress and heavier workloads, according to three recent surveys.

“We’ve been through a pretty rough go of it and it does take its toll. Even if people’s jobs themselves aren’t necessarily affected, there’s some fear, there’s some concern, people start thinking in different ways: ‘Is the company well-positioned?’ ‘Am I next?’ ‘Is my spouse?’” said Paula Allen, vice-president of organizational solutions and training at Shepell-fgi in Toronto. “And even if they themselves are not impacted in terms of job loss, it’s extremely stressful to go through that worry and also to take on the additional burden of other employees.”

It’s also possible employers could see more mental health claims with an economic downturn, she said, citing the recession of the early 1990s when such claims increased exponentially.