Hands off the payroll taxes (Editor’s notes)

Increasing taxes will only hurt employers still recovering from recession
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/18/2010

You can almost hear their hands rubbing together with glee. As the economy thaws, finance ministers and public officials are morphing into Saturday morning cartoon characters. You’ve all seen this episode — two characters are stuck in an abandoned cabin with no food and one of them morphs into a turkey leg as the other salivates.

Employers, well, you’re playing the role of the turkey leg. And finance ministers are salivating as they eye the massive deficits incurred during the recession.

It’s a rerun we’d rather not watch. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty heard the rumble in his tummy when he looked at the deficit in the employment insurance program. EI has become a huge drag on government books, as claims and payments skyrocketed through the recession.