P.E.I. overhauls employment standards

Paid vacation, sick pay, overtime see changes
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/19/2010

After standing pat for 15 years, Prince Edward Island has revamped its employment standards with significant alterations to paid vacation, bereavement leave, sick pay and the banking of overtime.

In making the changes, the government looked at regulations in other provinces and then tailored its legislation to the Maritime region, said Roy Doucette, director of labour and industrial relations at the Department of Community Services, Seniors and Labour in Charlottetown. Not surprisingly, employers advocated for the status quo while labour groups felt the proposed changes were baby steps.

“As a balance of that, we took what they were telling us in the business community, as well as what the (P.E.I.) Federation of Labour was telling us, and we struck what we thought was a balance,” he said.