Parents aren’t certified — why should HR professionals be? (Letter to the editor)

By John Platz
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/08/2003

There is an increasing drive by a group of human resources practitioners to certify human resources professionals first in Ontario and now in the rest of Canada.

But HR, like parenthood, is not an exact science.

Can you imagine a society where parents will have to be certified prior to becoming a parent? Certainly many of us at times wish this would happen, where we read about abuse or neglect of children. However, for all these unfortunate exceptions, the majority of us continue to parent without a formal education in parenting to accomplish this monumental feat. Instead we rely on our understanding of our own upbringing, the experiences of others, literature on the subject of childrearing, our own intrinsic sense of what is right and a dose of good luck to coach our children to adulthood.