It takes a very steady hand (Editor’s notes)

Employers need to consider long-term effects of decisions on attracting, retaining talent
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/15/2010

The theme that emanated from the 2011 Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition (see article #8470) was “stay the course.”

With a tough economy and corporations cutting corners wherever possible, companies adding perks and raising the bar on the employee experience were a tad scarce. Instead, the companies that made the list were the ones resisting the urge to slash and burn. (Full disclosure: Carswell, the company that publishes Canadian HR Reporter, made the list in 2011 for the fourth year in a row.)

The editors of Mediacorp Canada, the company behind the list, could have called the 2011 competition Canada’s Most Far-Sighted employers. In the darkest days of the recession, when nearly every company in every industry across the country — the globe, really — was feeling the pinch, the easy way out was to cut. Cut headcount. Slash benefits. Take the axe to every single expense possible.