Top 100 employers stay the course for 2011

Firms on list avoid ‘hacking, slashing’ mentality
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/15/2010

Despite the economic downturn and slow recovery, Canada’s top employers are not cutting back on offerings to employees, according to Richard Yerema, managing editor of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for many employers,” he said. “But the one thing we certainly noticed in the applicants’ pool and winners selected, there is a desire to stay the course — we’re not seeing a great retraction from benefits or pullback.”

The dollar values of some benefits, such as tuition subsidies, may have been reduced in the broader applicant pool but top employers are realizing smaller changes, such as offering flexibility, instead of big-ticket items can make a difference he said.