A four-point plan for creating a healthy workplace climate

Front-line HR strategies for bottom line results: Improve employee relations by focusing on basic needs.
By Sarah Benton
|CHRR, Guide to Healthy Workplace|Last Updated: 04/03/2001

In today’s business world there is a ground swell of frantic activity: centralize, decentralize, organize, reorganize, downsize, rightsize, cut backs, mergers — these are the buzzwords and the certainties of the 21st century. Everyone has heard of them, and most people have experienced them directly, but how well do organizations understand the impact that they can have on their people and, subsequently, the bottom line?


The truth is that change, unmanaged, has the capacity to manufacture poor performance. Poor performance is the rival of success. Regardless of the nature of the organizational shift, when change affects business, change affects people.