Vending machines a healthy alternative

Properly stocked machines save workers time, offer freshly prepared foods
By John Sacke
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/14/2010

Workers at the headquarters of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in downtown Toronto can enjoy anything from packaged sushi and grilled calamari rings to a freshly fried doughnut from restaurants and stores nearby, but they don’t always have time to run out of the office.

So having vending machines on-site makes for a happier and more productive workforce, says Landon Anderson, facilities manager at CIBC’s Toronto headquarters. And employees play a proactive role in selecting the products carried in each of the company’s four machines.

“We listen to the needs and wants of our employees with respect to their snacking preferences and go out of our way to ensure the company who manages and services the machines sources the types of snacks our employees want,” says Landon. “Looking down the road, we see our employees are increasingly interested in healthy snacks — it’s just a matter of time before healthy products constitute the bulk of products carried in the machines.”