The cart, the horse and Bill 138 (Guest commentary)

Ontario’s proposed legislation not adaptable to HR profession, feeds dissent
By Ruben Benmergui
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/14/2011

I am writing this mere days after being informed by colleagues about Ontario’s Bill 138, An Act respecting the Human Resources Professionals Association.

Let me first state, unequivocally, that over my 40-year career in human resource management, I have advocated professionalization, self-regulation and, in the appropriate format, a licensing process with powers of audit and enforcement. This rubric is common to the regulated professions and HR must eventually follow, in turn.

The intent to submit the bill was neither announced nor subject to discussion. We are finding out via the network of colleagues in the profession. Transparency dissolves to opaqueness. Obscurity as to the board of director’s agenda in proceeding this way envelops and shrouds the submission to the legislature.