Key to newcomer success to become 'more Canadian'

Internationally educated professionals need to understand culture, language: Study
||Last Updated: 02/01/2011

Internationally educated professionals (IEPs) are more likely to successfully integrate into the local workforce if they focus on becoming "more Canadian," according to a study commissioned by the Progress Career Planning Institute (PCPI).

"We're seeing more internationally trained professionals doing well in their chosen fields," said Silma Roddau, president of PCPI. "They're successful because they know how important it is to understand the Canadian culture to effectively communicate."

The study, Winning Strategies for IEPs Success in the Workplace: Employers' and IEPs' Perspectives, surveyed 168 IEPs and 20 Toronto-region employers within the public, private and non-profit sectors. It found the following strategies have helped these professionals succeed in the workplace: