Recruiting portals take centre stage in play for talent

By Gerry Stanton
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 04/10/2001

In today’s talent-driven marketplace, the Web-based corporate recruiting portal is rapidly taking centre stage as the most important element in the ongoing quest to find, recruit and retain top-notch talent. The recruiting portal offers all organizations a new and complete environment in which to manage the entire human resources supply chain.

Recruiting portals become the tool by which HR can demonstrate its value. Residing on the company’s Web site as the “careers page”, the portal becomes the hub for recruiting activity, acting as a talent magnet for applicants and as a streamlined end-to-end hiring management system for the organization. The recruiting portal concept provides a single platform for recruiting, which also makes it easier for HR to manage the recruiting process. All offline and online recruiting tactics should drive talent to their career site. The site helps to promote the corporate brand, educate the applicant about the company and ensure that the company can capture the data within their portal.

Recruiting portals leverage the Internet, and its ability to connect people. They increase recruiting success and streamline the process by driving all applicants to one place — the corporate career site.