HR’s role adding value to corporate values

Values are the heart of an organization, so leaders must walk the talk
By Cori Maedel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/25/2011

Most senior leaders prefer employees who are inspired by a company’s mission and values and integrate them into all they do, according to Value of Corporate Values, a 2008 survey of 150 senior leaders in the United States conducted by LRN.

However, one-fifth of these leaders do not consider employees’ alignment with corporate mission and values when scaling back the workforce. So when times are tough and purse strings start to strain, the focus of a CEO can understandably drift to other ideals — those more tangible than aligning action with values.

HR professionals are in the unique position of putting in place systems and practices that integrate values and culture throughout an organization, and truly have an impact on business success. But how can they keep CEOs and senior leaders on track to ensure values remain top of mind at all times and in all actions?