Human resources in the Holy Land (Guest commentary)

A dozen Canadian HR professionals set out to find out what HR is like in Israel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/14/2011

Last fall, 12 HR and business professionals from across Western Canada set out on a journey to Israel to learn how a region rich in complex history, with a diverse and sensitive religious value system, impacts the practice of human resource management.

It was the third Canadian HR delegation through People to People Ambassador Programs, an organization set up in 1956 by American president Dwight Eisenhower to unite professionals in various disciplines with international colleagues. The previous two visits took us to China, Vietnam and Cambodia. (To read stories from those journeys, go to, click on “Advanced Search” and enter articles #6857 and 7610.)

There was some trepidation about travelling to a region with a history of conflict and instability. The level of security we encountered leaving Canada did little to settle our nerves.