Moving milestones online

Hesitations about putting service awards online outweighed by numerous advantages
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/12/2011

While many employers know a gold watch is not necessarily a 20-year employee’s first choice for a service award, there is still some reluctance to moving a traditional initiative such as milestone recognition to an Internet-based system — where choice is an easy option. Once these fears are conquered, however, the benefits of an online service award program are numerous.

Among some employers, particularly those in manufacturing, there are concerns about employees not having access to a computer at work, says Jeremy Faria, president of Rembrandt Awards Manufacturing in Richmond Hill, Ont. But people can log on to a service awards website from the comfort of their home or use a supervisor’s computer or a designated computer located in a common area such as a cafeteria — as is the case when it comes to online access to other programs, such as employer pension plans or health benefits, he says.

“There’s never a problem. Any one of those programs we set up, the employees almost always order online. They don’t send in the manual order because we still give them (that) ability,” said Faria. “All our orders virtually come via the computer.”