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Apr 8, 2014

Government cracks down on abuse of Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Employers have LMOs suspended or revoked, put on public blacklist

Several employers have been named to a blacklist by the federal government for abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Labour market opinions (LMOs) issued to the Boathouse Restaurant in Fenelon Falls, Ont., have been revoked, while LMOs issued to Jungle Jim's Restaurant and Greco Pizza in Labrador, N.L., and McDonald's Restaurant franchises in Victoria have been suspended.

The federal government recently introduced changes to the TFWP allowing the government to suspend or revoke the LMOs of employers found to be, or suspected to be, non-compliant with program requirements. The names of these employers are being added to a new public blacklist found online.

"Canadians must always be first in line for available jobs. Our government will not tolerate any abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Today's announcement sends a clear message that we are taking action against employers who abuse the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and that employers who break the rules will be publically named and face serious consequences,” said Jason Kenney, minister of employment and social development.

A revoked LMO can no longer be used by a temporary foreign worker to obtain a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In addition, CIC may also revoke any outstanding work permits.

A suspended LMO cannot be used by a temporary foreign worker to obtain a work permit from CIC while a thorough investigation is being completed. Any employer with a suspended LMO that is found to have broken the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program following the investigation will have its LMO revoked.

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