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2013 - Posts
Total rewards strategy, governance, key to optimal spend
Performance, productivity declines seen as potential consequences
New SHRM research suggests unpaid internships not that prevalent
High-discretion approach to job slotting can be messy, problematic
Study highlights four warning signs of declining employee morale
Study finds high-performing organizations take different approach
Conference Board survey forecasts increases of 2.9 per cent for non-union employees
Research findings highlight importance of job design, performance management
Benefits, flexible work options, training among key considerations
Total rewards strategies need to address shifting employee priorities
Study suggests greater transparency needed to build employee confidence
Big gap in people management capabilities a major barrier, Mercer study finds
Ontario Chamber of Commerce calls for a process that’s predictable, transparent, fair
Pay administration policies help ensure consistent decision-making
Leadership, measurement, and communication all vital elements
One in four employers paying bonuses to low performers: Study
Longer life expectancies opening door to new talent strategies
U.K. study examines how organizations are coming to terms with skill shortages
Focus on more than just cost containment to get maximum value
Four tips to overcome common barriers and concerns
Take these steps to stem turnover and improve employee productivity
Lack of accountability, weak succession plans among key barriers: study
Making vacation policies more flexible

Managers from hell

Jul 8, 2013
Study drives home link between managers and employee engagement levels
Pay particular attention to factors that drive employee engagement
Quest for free help can lead to legal and reputational risks
Study finds growing focus on programs that can drive results
Organizations need to ask some tough questions about their vacation policies
Stance on poor performers offers point of reflection for many organizations
Employers urged to explore new approaches to recruiting and development
Sound pay administration practices reduce risk of complaints
Study finds organizations, employees at odds over business objectives
Study identifies 10 key human capital practices that help unlock value creation
British government warns employers “we are running out of workers”
Study finds communication, collaboration skills among “distressing” shortfalls
Attention to the subtler elements of the employment relationship is key
How to create variable pay plans
Reward strategies should consider the implications of an aging workforce
Study indicates career development among the drivers of engagement
More work required to better quantify the value of such initiatives
Changes to pay, recruiting strategies, job documentation may also be needed
Conference Board survey highlights key salary planning considerations
Study finds leading firms twice as likely to focus on high performance
Lack of ground rules can make programs costly or ineffective
Context is key when analyzing gaps, defining priorities
Issues below the surface may have serious consequences if unaddressed
Market trends helpful, but shouldn’t eclipse organizational objectives
Avoiding common pitfalls can enrich the meaning and value of the process
Clear guidelines help make promotions consistent and meaningful
The facts versus the hype
Leadership, communication key to getting stronger in the broken places